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Call on local, national, African and international political actors.

Inter-Culturel helps you in your advocacy and influencing strategies.

Based on communication, relying on an argument developed to convince a target, advocacy allows to defend the objectives of a group of actors (NGOs, associations, civil society organizations, communities) who defend a legitimate cause, a common good, a social, legal, economic, environmental progress... and wish to change practices, legal provisions, decisions...

The objective of advocacy is to enable the formulation of a problem, to identify stakeholders, to inform and convince decision-makers.

Advocacy activity is based on information research, the sources of which are cross-checked to prepare for the speech with an argument based on solid documentation.

Our interventions :

⇨ Elaboration of the advocacy plan and identification of expected results and inventory of activities to be carried out at each stage and by expected result;

⇨ Documentary research and assistance with the presentation of arguments;

⇨ Identification and inventory of target actors and audiences: identification and inventory of target audiences and analysis of their decision-making processes (decision-making power, legitimacy, responsibility, capacity to link up, capacity to implement).

⇨ Assistance in defining advocacy or lobbying strategies, evaluation of the volume of work and timetable, definition of tasks and resources required ;

⇨ Support for the facilitation and coordination of the advocacy team ;

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