COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition

Accelerating research on COVID-19 in resource-limited settings

The COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition aims to accelerate desperately needed COVID-19 research in those areas where the virus could wreak havoc on already-fragile health systems and cause the greatest health impact on vulnerable populations. The coalition brings together individuals and institutions working to fast-track research that will provide evidence on COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis, and case management in resource-limited settings. This is the evidence needed to guide policies and practices.

Coalition members will work together to map what they could contribute to the research agenda and to form the most effective partnerships. The coalition will promote open sharing of research knowledge and data, and advocate for equitable and affordable access to these interventions.

Read the Comment published in The Lancet.

« We’re looking for individuals and organizations ready to contribute existing capacity to join us. »

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Artemisia et lutte contre le Covid19

Plaidoyer pour la mise en œuvre d’essais cliniques de la tisane d’Artemisia dans le cadre de la lutte contre le Covid19

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