Analyzing & optimizing

The consulting services offered by Inter-Culturel aim to assist NGOs, associations, companies and public entities on issues concerning the management and optimization of their action, practices and professions.

After diagnosis and identification of the objectives, missions and services attributed to the commissioning structure and following analytical work to identify the processes and relationships involved in their implementation, the development of steering instruments allows for a better organization of tasks, optimization of procedures and the implementation of tools for their future evaluation.

“Gain in efficiency and productivity but without losing in terms of fulfillment, satisfaction and involvement.”

Carried out outside and in parallel with the activity of the commissioning structure or in immersion in its teams, the development of steering tools, objective agreements and monitoring and quality approaches allows the implementation of change strategies for the optimization of procedures and tasks.

Inter-Culturel pays particular attention to relationships, working environments, satisfaction, motivation of the personnel involved and the meaning of the activities carried out.

The objectives :

⇨ Rationalize and optimize tasks and procedures

⇨ Encouraging teamwork and reducing situations of tension

⇨ Accompanying change

⇨ Supporting managers and teams

Tools and concepts from occupational and organizational psychology, social psychology, sociology of organizations and cognitive psychology are frequently used.

Our interventions:

⇨ project management assistance: needs analysis, drafting of specifications, drafting or validation of specifications, drafting of user tutorials, seminar facilitation, team training...

⇨ Assistance in program and project management

⇨ Support for project teams

⇨ Help with the integration of a new tool (software package, IT tool...) or new procedures

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