IMG: Artemisia and the fight against Covid19 We have initiated a study and reflection group on care practices, research in phytotherapy, the links between conventional and traditional medicines and (...)

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The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) was formed from three agriculture agencies, namely the Rwanda Animal Resources Development Authority (RARDA), the Rwanda (...)
Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), REMA reserves the legal mandate for national environmental protection, conservation, promotion and overall management, including advisory to the (...)

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8 - Pharmacopée végétale antiamibienne

21/04 | Plantes antiamibiennes des pharmacopées d'Afrique de l'Est Différentes plantes présentes en Afrique de l'Est sont réputées (...)

Bénéfices des combinaisons de plantes

15/04 | Bénéfices des combinaisons de plantes Plantes « synergiques » et phytothérapies antibactériennes Note liminaire : cet article tire une grande (...)

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